Knowledge is power

Team Building

No one student can succeed alone. Team building is a major focus of the King’s Education Foundation. Groups of students are encouraged to meet together to discuss obstacles, challenges and goals. Once goals are established, we build a plan and timeline with each student. Failure is not option.

Our Founder

We all know someone or have experienced first hand the expense and struggles of a higher education in today’s world. My focus is to alleviate these struggles. All students represent the future of our world. My promise to them, with your help, is to provide the resources available to ease some struggles. – Dr. Salvatore Barbaro III

Continuing the Growth

The benefactors from the King’s Education Foundation will be various students along diverse studies such as business, fine arts, medical, science, sports, education, communications, engineering, etc. We also donate to worthy charities including St. PJ’s and Rey Feo Scholarship!

Donate Today!

We host various events that allow you to donate and get involved, however we also accept donations through Paypal!

About King's Education Fund

Education is power!

The King’s Education Foundation is a 501-C3, non-profit organization dedicated to raising millions of dollars for underprivileged youth that desire an education. The inception of the King’s Education Foundation remains the dream of Dr. Salvatore Barbaro III who knows the importance and expense of education first hand and how difficult these challenges can be for students. Dr. Barbaro himself funded his entire education through multiple jobs and student loans while maintaining a full curricular schedule and GPA.